Plant Based Poop Bags
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Dog poop bags are often overseen and forgotten about when it comes to design and prints. Why should they? They hang out of your dispenser on every walk. This eco-friendly dog poop bag comes with a comforting message from us. So, when poop happens, we’re with you. Each roll contains 15 poop bags.

33 cm (H) x 23 cm (W)


  • 33 x 23 leak-proof poop bags that are guaranteed to keep your hands safe from any mess.
  • Each box comes with 60 (4 rolls) of our blue plant based dog poop bags. Every roll has 15 lavender scented poop bags and fits our ultra durable dispensers as well as standard dispensers.
  • The lavender scent on the poop bags holds off stinky odors
  • Easily tear off a single bag as you need.
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