Smoothie Dog Chicken
Smoothie Dog Chicken
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Smoothie Dog Chicken

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100% natural food.
Only 100% natural raw materials are used to make smoothies.
No slaughterhouse waste.
Smoothie Dog is 100% made of food-grade muscle meat. We do not use animal by-products or waste products! We also rely on monoproteins because this type of feeding is as close to natural as possible.

  • A complete snack for every dog
  • 100% natural
  • Low in calories
  • No sugar
  • Good liquid supply
  • No artificial additives or flavorings
  • Made with the best muscle meat, vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs.

The best chicken meat is what your dog likes.
Vegetables: parsnips, pumpkin, and carrots make important contributions to smoothies. For example, carrots have a positive effect on blood clotting, help your dog with diarrhea, boost his immune system and make his coat healthier. A bit of pear gives this smoothie a vitamin-rich sweetness. Golden flaxseed supports good digestion. Turmeric is a natural dye in yellow smoothies for dogs and definitely a true medicinal herb as it has antibacterial properties and cleanses the blood. A healthy blend of thyme, dandelion, and oregano herbs perfectly complements the taste of the chicken smoothie.

Tips for use and feeding:

  • As a healthy snack between meals.
  • Dip dry food as gravy.
  • In addition to BARF. and wet food.
  • Ice Cream- Freeze smoothies as ice cubes or in pretty ice cream molds, and serve this treat to your pet on a hot summer day.
  • Bake treats for your pet, such as little cookies

Chicken broth (55.6%), chicken (26.1%), pumpkin (5.2%), parsnip (5.2%), carrot (5.2%), pears (1.6%), flaxseed (0.6%), turmeric (0.2%), dandelion (0.1%), thyme (0.1%), oregano (0.1%)

Nutritional supplements:
Sodium 0.19 g/kg OS, calcium 0.15 g/kg OS, iron 4.0 mg/kg OS, zinc 3.3 mg/kg OS, phosphorus 0.43 g/kg OS, magnesium 0.12 g/kg OS, copper 0.35 mg/kg OS, iodine > 0.01 mg/kg
Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin D3

Analytical composition:
Crude protein 7.4%, crude fat 0.7%, crude ash 0.6%, crude fiber 0.2%, moisture 88.6%

Store at room temperature, after opening the bottle, for 3 days in the refrigerator. 

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