Balm for PAWS

Balm for PAWS

Balm for PAWS
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The balm is made of natural oils, butters and waxes that is intended for cracked, sharp or inflamed paw pads. Paws can become dry, sharp and even inflamed when in contact with elements such as salt, sand, ice, or just from overload. The paw pads must be soft and smooth. Sharp or even cracked paw pads can cause unpleasant feelings or discomfort to the dog.

50 ml


Apply the balm to clean paw pads, gently massaging the balm into the paws. It is recommended to use after walks at least once a day.


Hemp seed oil
Coconut oil
Chamomile oil
Vitamin E
Cocoa butter
Jojoba oil
Calendula oil
Rosemary extract